Prayer Topics for October 22, 2017
Let’s honestly answer Jesus’ question, “Who do you say I am?” Let’s surrender all to Jesus and live for him as our Messiah. May God richly bless us as we do. May God bless our nation to confess Christ.

* Next Sunday’s message: P. David Won, Mt 17:1-27
* Fall ministry on Chicago area campuses: UIC, NU, NEIU, Loyola, Columbia, Oakton, Truman, Harper, North Park, MVCC, HW, Triton, Wright, DuPage, IIT, UC, DePaul, West Loop, HBF, CBF
* Midwest Region Chapters: Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis, UIUC, IUPUI, WIU, Springfield, Austin
* Health seminar, age 55 and over, Saturday, October 28, 3-4:30 p.m., led by Dr. Augustine Sohn
* Fellowship Leaders testimony sharing meeting, October 28 at 5:30 p.m.
* Children: “Light Overcomes the Darkness” 10/31 (Bouncy house at 4; message at 5, games, fun)
* United Friday meeting to share Matthew’s gospel reflections on November 3 at 6:30 p.m.
* Thanksgiving W.S., November 19th, message: Elder David Saethre
* Christmas W.S., December 17th at Regina Dominican H.S., message: P. Mark Vucekovich (Jn 1:14)
* Thank God for blessing the weddings of Justin & Sarah Palmer, and Nicky and Ruth Timlin!

* For the Kingdom of God to advance in all nations, including Muslim countries, N. Korea, China
* ISBC 2018 “HIS KINGDOM,” 8/9-12, 2017, Louisville, KY; P. Abraham Kim and coworkers
Renew God’s kingdom vision in our hearts to serve his world mission purpose
Chicago may be an encouraging host chapter for the ISBC 2018
* Dr. John & Sarah Jun’s missionary education ministry, 10/24-29 Botswana, 10/30-11/5 Zimbabwe, 11/6-13 Kenya, 11/14-19 Uganda, Ethiopia, 11/20-26 Nigeria, 11/27 To Seoul
* Daniel & Deborah Yang’s Rwanda mission: Mark’s gospel, 12 disciples, Sh. Hodal, Bible house

Prayer for Healing and Comfort:
Grace A. Lee, Mother Barry, Edith Longinos (El Salvador), Eugenia Iturbe (Peru), Isbel Gutierrez (Dominican Republic), Aromi Kim (USA), Hannah Lee (Poland), Lydia Lee (Greece), Mary Kim (S. Africa), Thomas Kang (Japan), Abraham Nahm (Eau Claire), Little Daniel Kim (Brazil), David Choo (Louisville), Joseph Song, Jung Mi Lee, Joanna Jung (Cn), Rebekah Kim, William/Marie Kim (Indonesia), Elizabeth Yoon (Serbia), Joseph Lim (Michigan), Samuel Kum (Koln), Timothy Kang Jr (Latvia), Ester Lee, Lucy Park (Korea), Mark Gamber (Toledo), Joshua Jin (Berkeley), Cooper Diaz, Steve Halbert, Cesar Paul Garcia, Bianca Gava (Chicago), Pauline Lipsey (Washington)

Long-Term Missionaries
* John & Maria Peace (Podil, Ukraine)
* John & Ruth Thompson (St. Petersburg)
* Moses & Iris Marji (Kenya)
* Chris Sagel/Damon Londrigan (S. Korea)
* Ray/Tsukasa Grondin (Oida, Japan)
* Dr. Steve/Dr. Allison Haga (Taiwan)
* Siegmund Goddard (Tokyo, Japan)
* Wynelle Nett, Sarah Youk, Susan Lee,
Curie Lee, Ruth Hong (Germany)
* Moses & Sarah Chang (Belize)
* G & E M (UAE)
* Susan San Marcos, Heather Altobar (Philippines)

* I & NH, VL (Malaysia)
* Elena Giesbrecht, Melissa Christopher,
Jennifer Stumpf (Canada)
* Nathan Rasoarison (Brazil)
* William & Marie Kim (Indonesia)
* Heather Kumanichliev (Bulgaria)
* John & Grace Martin (United Kingdom)
* Abraham & Sarah Lee (Poland)
* John Kuper (Argentina)
* Daniel & Deborah Yang (Rwanda)
* Dr. Cyril and Dr. Mary Boyd (Zambia)
* Dr. Sam and Mary Yoon (Ethiopia)

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